Our wheel thrown ceramics are created from low fire clay and glazes. While durable for everyday use, all handmade pottery requires some special care to maintain its beauty over time.

Follow these tips to keep your pieces looking their best:

  • Hand-wash – Harsh detergents and hot water can damage the finish of ceramics over time. Wash by hand with warm, soapy water instead. Raku ceramic pieces should have limited exposure to moisture. Do not let raku sit in water.
  • Use mild cleaning solutions – When washing by hand, avoid detergents containing bleach, ammonia, or lemon which can interact with glazes. Opt for mild dish soaps without these harsh chemicals.
  • Rinse thoroughly – Be sure to rinse all soap residue off your ceramics, as some detergents can cloud or etch glazed surfaces.
  • Avoid abrasives – Clean with soft sponges, cloths, dusters or brushes to prevent scratching. Do not use abrasive scrubbers or scouring powders.
  • Dry completely – Allow your pieces to air dry fully after washing, as trapped moisture can interact with glazes.
  • Protect from temperature shocks – Bring temperatures up or down gradually to prevent cracks and crazing. Do not microwave low-fire ceramics.

With proper care using mild cleaners and air drying, our handcrafted ceramics will become your treasured kitchenware and home decor for years to come. Reach out if you ever have questions!

Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.