PK + Ca na Toneta


Capsule collection designed and produced exclusively for Ca Na Toneta, Caimari, Mallorca. Chef Maria Solivellas was looking for small tableware in different sizes and shapes. Glad to be part of such a unique gastronomic experience. 

For sale only at  Ca Na Toneta.

The first time I tasted Maria’s dishes was when I moved to the island. The gastronomic experience was unique and whenever I have a friend or client who wants to discover the local gastronomy, I always take them to the Solivellas sisters (Teresa & Maria). In addition to the experience for my palate and the good atmosphere, I took home a postcard from the restaurant, with a picture of some eggs held in a woman’s lap. This image was so evocative and clear of the philosophy of the place that it inspired me to design this exclusive collection for  Ca Na Toneta.

Eggs made of clay that become mini vases, glasses and jugs used for serving.

Illustrations and images: Paparkone

Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.