PK + Rosa Caterina


Rosa Caterina experiments with organic materials giving shape to a multifaceted graphic work through the use of plants, colours and patterns. 

Drawings on paper, colour charts, prints, textile objects and ephemeral installations make up the diversity of her work. 

With an academic artistic background, in Barcelona she discovers natural dyes thanks to Francesca Piñol and decides to deepen her knowledge alongside Michel Garcia, visiting and assisting different artists and designers between France and Belgium. Currently, she complements her creative work with research into the dye plants of the Balearic Islands alongside Juan Rita and also with teaching artistic subjects in public schools. Tinctorum is the name given to the dye and pigment laboratory with which creatives such as Aina Crespí, Marala, Muaré and now Paparkone have already collaborated.

Textile dye master: Rosa Caterina.


Limited edition of textiles and ceramics for PK Room. Extract of logwood bark and onion skin  were used to dye the organic cotton tablecloth.


Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.

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