PK Souvenir, please!

PK Souvenir is a research and design project on how the idea and quality of souvenirs and the way we travel has changed. Tourism has entered a phase of full consumerism that also has its consequences on the environment and the visibility of many tourist destination cities.
It is proposed that the souvenir of these unique moments during a trip should speak of the place and the people who live there, that it should be handmade, local and environmentally friendly.
This project is continuously evolving and consists of several phases and products, as well as being a travelling conversation that has taken place in several institutions and design schools in Europe ( thanks for inviting me ). 
If you are interested in this speaking…

SOUVENIR N 1 / Antònia la Dimoni.



Topics, problems and humour in this series of postcards designed in collaboration with illustrator Ricardo Useche.

One of the illustrations was chosen as the cover of the ABC Mallorca magazine, summer 2019 issue.

SOUVENIR N3 / design & make your souvenir

Workshop and talk during INTERIHOTEL MAD22 The design event for hotels and restaurants


Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.

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