PK + Suigeneris

Suigeneris Non Binary Essence 10. 

A collaboration with Suigeneris Non Binary Essence, an independent Luxury Author Perfumery brand. 

A nose and hands.. two artisans for a luxury limited edition.

An handmade and bespoke fabrication created in the tradition of craft that embellishments shapes and influences that have defined the Suigeneris identity. An arty and cheeky interplay contrast of tones black red and white paying homage to this this always dynamic collection of  fragrances.

The soft surface of the clay that tends to be alive and organic inspired by the pores of the skin.

Ten see trough polka dots to discover a fragrance, ten entrance and ten exits for a unic scent breath.. Suigeneris Non Binary Essence 10. 

A great collaborative challenge signatures that define a new vision of the brand. A design formed with a similar desire to create a piece to be loved, cherished, and use again and again…

Illustrations and images: Paparkone

Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.