Chapter 01


Since he was a child, Roberto has preferred drawing to talking. In childhood, the mind of every kid is full of fantasy and beautiful stories. Roberto has never lost the pleasure of telling his tales through sketches. Within every scribble, Roberto captures a feeling, preserves a memory, gives life to an idea. He always carries a sketchbook, a sort of daily diary where every character or adventure is saved. It is how he still connects with that boy who saw magic in the mundane.


Roberto Paparkone - character illustration

Chapter 02


Born in South of Italy (1971), Roberto studied architecture in Naples, Delft and San Sebastian. After his degree with the final work “Industrial architecture in Basque Country”, he moved to work to Milan, Barcelona (where founded with Iñigo Gómez 5Lab Design Studio) and now Mallorca, where he combines the job of creative director for interior design projects with his pottery brand.

He participated in several seminars for architects as Montecarasso / Switzerland ( lead by architect Luigi Snozzi and Paulo Mendes da Rocha) and Indesem (Internation Design Seminar at TU Delft).

Roberto loved working on these latest projects:

  • Es Blau des Nord Hotel in Mallorca ( collab with Montse Viçens )
  • Baños Àrabes wellness in Barcelona ( as director of Interior Design department ABAA)
  • Plaza España Hotel in Madrid & Hotel Plaza Manhattan ( as creative director at ADG for Riu Hotels Company).


Chapter 03

Artisan : Ceramicist

Roberto discovered pottery by accident – an experience was gifted for a pottery studio in Barcelona (thank you so much, Oscar). He immediately fell in love with clay and the wheel. He has been learning for more than 12 years thanks to pottery masters and artists like Misako Homma, Marc Vidal, Joan Pere Catalá and Ana Felipe. Roberto uses his knowledge to develop his designs, playing with shapes and telling stories through the clay. He has been invited to schools and talks to speak about creativity, art and design with clay.

The pottery world pushed him to investigate every day and to fight for the importance of crafts in daily life, design and the economy.

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