Our studio tells stories through clay. We foster constant evolution through experimentation, while respecting the rich tradition of artisans who came before us. Just as the tides shape the land, we allow the ebb and flow of Mediterranean culture to influence our handmade ceramics. Each finished piece contains a whispered tale from this magical place.

Wild WoodWild Wood

Wild Wood

Capsule collection inspired by the wild green vegetation from my beloved island.


Crockery inspired by the summers from Amalfi. Childhood memories of fishes, nets and stories about Saracens.


Summer olfactory memories and architectural forms.
Testa di MoroTesta di Moro

Testa di Moro

Capsule collection inspired by the anthropomorphic vases ‘Testa Di Moro’ from Caltagirone, Sicily.


Decorative vases inspired by the flora of the island of Filicudi.
The JetsonsThe Jetsons

The Jetsons

Capsule Collection inspired by early 60’s cartoon sitcom THE JETSONS.


Antònia is a unique handmade souvenir that tells a local story.
Kodama  –  木霊Kodama  –  木霊

Kodama – 木霊

Evoking the Kodama the mischievous tree spirits of Japanese myth. This vase is our modern interpretation of an ancient folk tale.


Tableware inspired by and created using stones from the island.


Crockery inspired by the art of the table and enjoyment of a good meal in company.


Buff coloured flowerpot inspired by the greek myth.
Black Terre

Black Terre

Decorative pots inspired by deep black soil from Lanzarote Island.
Pa I Ta I TaPa I Ta I Ta

Pa I Ta I Ta

This white clay tableware for finger foods and appetisers features different anti-slip textures on the back side.
Terre Rosse

Terre Rosse

Decorative vessel as a tribute to the Mediterranean land and the terracotta.


A collection inspired by the architecture of the Cave of the Sibyl (Antro della Sibilla).
White Vulcano

White Vulcano

Vessels inspired by the white coast of Eolian Islands, Sicily.

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