Testa di Moro

Capsule collection inspired by the anthropomorphic vases ‘testa di Moro’ from Caltagirone (Sicily).

It is a deconstruction of chaotic emotions coming from a story of passion, love and revenge. This Mediterranean story from 1100 a.C is about a young lady who falls in love with a man coming from a far land. The story ends when she finds out the real life of her lover (he has wife and kids in his homeland) and decides , after a night of passion, to behead him and keep his head on her balcony as a flower pot. She planted basil and watered it with her tears and it flourished so much that it made the neighbours so envious that they ordered similar heads for their balconies to local potters.

Roberto Paparcone - Khaos - hand holding small plant pot
Roberto Paparcone - Khaos
Roberto Paparcone - Khaos
Roberto Paparcone - Khaos


Paparkone Testa di Moro
Paparkone Testa di Moro sketch

Made in Mallorca is a platform for communicating the value proposition of different brands and showing all of the factors that make them unique and distinct in order for consumers to become aware of the diversity of the island’s local products.

The initiative involves a number of manufacturers and designers selected on the basis of an editorial criterion committed to creative and productive excellence that highlights the products of the home décor market, in which design is a differentiating factor that contributes to the international and local positioning of the productive industries of the Balearic Islands beyond the services sector.

In addition to presenting a selection of brands, the idea is to create a community of local professionals and producers to share experiences, collaborate and establish links between them.

This initiative pays tribute to all local producers who bring stories of passion to the world of industry, handicrafts and creativity, local heroes who project brands towards the future with the intention of consolidating themselves as companies and enduring over time.


Paparkone is one of the local designer selected to represent the island of Mallorca at London Design Fair (2018-2020).

Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.

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