Centred Together:
Ceramics for Connected Teams

Let studio director and ceramicist Roberto guide your team through an immersive and fun bespoke workshop centred around throwing clay on the potter’s wheel.

Small groups will learn basics like centring clay, opening vessels, and pulling up walls under Roberto’s individualised mentorship. Though challenging at first, the wheel teaches patience, focus, and persistence.

Your customised team building session will:

  • Instil confidence through conquering a new skill
  • Forge connections over shared struggles and accomplishments
  • Provide hands-on learning in a novel creative medium
  • Spark imaginative thinking through flow and problem-solving

Roberto will design a custom experience aligned to your goals, whether it’s promoting mindfulness, resilience training or injecting creativity. Let the wheel bring out your team’s centredness, dexterity and pride in personal growth.

Enquire about a custom experience

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Email me when available We will let you know if there are any cancelations and if a spot becomes available on this workshop.